Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV Drivers (2019)

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Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV Driver

By HDTV Reviews on October 30, We have at times struggled to understand the philosophy behind Sony's NX series of Bravia LCD TVs. Buy FULLY ADJUSTABLE - TV WALL MOUNT BRACKET FOR Sony KDLNX 55" Inch LED HDTV TELEVISION: TV Ceiling & Wall Mounts - Review Of The Sony Bravia KDLNX(KDL55NX)55 Inch Full HD 3D Monolithic Edge Lit This is one fully kitted out HDTV bundle.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV Driver Windows XP

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Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV Driver

With the ability to adjust, to a point, the level of darkness and intensity, this Bravia brings to the table amazing true to life natural colours and hues.

By utilizing very effective Hz motion handling techniques then inserting into each frame a blank frame by clever back light blinking means that you get the equivalent of frames a second to produce super smooth and super slick motion on even the busiest of Blu Ray action movie or Sky film. A widescreen TV of this calibre also has built into it 3D Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV.


The revival of 3d has fortunately waited for a time at which the technology was able to reproduce a true 3D image that was as true to life and Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV worth watching. Instead it shuffles the selected programme or video feed into a large window on the top-left of the display, which is less obtrusive. The menu system no longer takes over the whole screen.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV the video window is a row of icons that you can shuffle left or right to select features. When you choose one of the icons, a vertical sub-menu on the right-hand side of the screen populates with further options; if you select the Favourites icon, you can then vertically scroll through a list of the stored channels. This system takes some getting used to. Although it's faster than Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV old approach, it's still not as immediate as the more straightforward and attractive-looking menus found on the latest Samsung and LG sets.

Thankfully you don't always have to resort to the main menu when you just want to tweak picture or audio settings.

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Instead you just call up a mini menu that offers quick access to these settings by pressing the Option button on the remote. The picture controls are comprehensive, allowing you to tweak the usual colour, contrast and brightness options.

Drivers for Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV

They also give you control over colour hue, gamma and temperature, although there isn't a full colour management system. So plug in your blu Ray or PS3 bundle and receive the very best Sony BRAVIA KDL-55NX723 HDTV of detail and sharpness to make the visual experience truly outstanding.

Sony tv reviews: Sony KDLNX(KDL55NX)Video Review-Bravia 3D LED TV

This is not only about colour and sharpness. To maintain the dynamic on fast moving action, Sony have introduced the XR Hz motion flow technology to bring brilliant smooth flowing images on even the fastest of games or motion pictures.

By melding HZ refresh tech with clever Hz backlight blinking, the results are nothing short of staggering. Fast action gaming is flawlessly delivered to the end user whilst even the most frantic of Blu Ray films results in no stuttering or blurring.

By delivering excellent 2D dynamic images, this paves the way for the KDL55 NX range of tvs to deliver the very best in 3D high definition.

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