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Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster Driver

Connect your computer or mobile device to the same wired or wireless network as the Teradek VidiU is connected to. Use the Teradek VidiU. Teradek's VidiU Pro delivers high definition live streaming video with the quality and reliability expected in traditional HD broadcast. The Teradek VidiU is a portable battery-powered camera mounted live stream encoder. Here's how it stacks Alongside the VidiU, Teradek also produces the VidiU Pro. This device is an Select “Settings,” then “Broadcast.

Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster Drivers Mac

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Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster Driver

The encoder Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster about three inches wide, four inches long, and an inch thick. This design, combined with the battery that lasts for around an hour of continuous streaming, makes the VidiU one of the most portable options around. This is ideal for mobile cameras in an event setting. Sports, graduation ceremonies, concerts, festivals, trade shows, conventions, and other similar events make a great setting for using a VidiU live stream encoder.

Internet connection options The VidiU can connect to the internet via a few different methods. The most reliable method is hard-wired Ethernet cable.

This is the fastest and most stable connection available. Video resolution and bitrate The VidiU supports a range of resolutions. On the high end, full HD streaming at x requires 5 Mbps or more.

Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster X64 Driver Download

Selecting this option launches a quick bandwidth test that shows the speed of your connection and recommends a setting. This tool can be useful for quick spot-checks of your internet connection speed. This will allow you Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster plug into any camera directly that uses an HDMI output. There are also adapters available that should make most cameras compatible with the VidiU.

Teradek VidiU Pro LIVE Streaming Encoder (Distributor)

The device includes a male-to-mini Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster cable with purchase. It also includes a headphone jack for monitoring audio, and a mic-in jack for an alternative to audio over HDMI. Battery and power The VidiU includes a small, internal lithium-ion battery.

Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster Drivers Mac

This is an advantage over similar units from Livestream, which require AA batteries that must be regularly swapped out and are only compatible with their service. The main advantage here is that the VidiU battery is rechargeable. The unit also includes an AC power adapter for charging, or when you need to stream continuously for a longer span of time. But as we'll find out, that's all there needs to be.

No instruction manual was supplied, but this can be downloaded through the Teradek website, although it is only a quick Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster guide. Accessory wise, an AC adapter is provided, along with a cold shoe mounting system and an Ethernet cable.

RedShark News - Live streaming with the VidiU Pro

A more practical solution would be to supply a standard full size HDMI cable. What do I do with it? This is the first question I had to ask myself when I initially examined the VidiU. This, as I found, would be the practical heart of Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster system.

Teradek Replacement for Teradek VidiU B&H Photo Video

The VidiU Pro can combine connections in areas where reception or the internet may be slow. This means that you can combine up to four mobile Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster connections, wireless and wired internet. This connection bonding is performed through Teradek's subscription service called ShareLink. I'll come back to this later.

The most straightforward way to connect the device and get started is to hook it up to a network using an ethernet cable or to join a wireless network.

Booting up the VidiU app on the same network as the Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster will identify and connect to it easily. Within the app, you can set up the login details of the streaming service you wish to use. Air and Wowsa are officially supported. Setting up such accounts was very straightforward and, after a small amount of investigation within my YouTube account, I was live streaming to it within minutes.

The whole process was quite intuitive. You can also preview the stream before going live, to make sure that everything is working. The quality of the stream will naturally depend on the quality of your connection. The app makes it very simple to choose your streaming Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster and even includes a speed test to determine the best resolution.

The device will perform real-time adaptive bitrate adjustments, too. If you are really stuck, you can record your broadcast in a stream-ready format onto an SD card, inserted into the VidiU device itself, or Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster a FAT32 formatted USB hard drive, ready for streaming later on when you have access to a better connection.

Teradek Announces VidiU Pro for High-Bandwidth Streaming

However, as I mentioned earlier, there is another option for getting a more efficient connection called ShareLink. ShareLink is a subscription service by Teradek that makes the bonding of connections transparent and easy. Teradek VidiU Pro Broadcaster no real setup to speak of.

Using this service, you can stream via ethernet, for example, plus up to four mobile devices.

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