ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture 64 Bit

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ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture Driver

ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture driver for Windows 7 - ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture driver from ASUS for Windows 7 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 / Windows. Just updated my Win 8 Ivy bridge TAICHI 31 to 10 yesterday via the only ones that I'm sure are working are Smart Gesture and Taichi Home. Hey everyone, I just upgraded my ASUS N56V laptop to a clean copy of Windows ASUS Smart Gesture . December 18, AM.

ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture Windows Vista 32-BIT

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ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture Driver

I decided to buy one ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture aliexpress and put it in myself. I undid the screws, took all of the circuits out and undid the screen mounts and connectors, put the new screen in, put everything back in and vola, fixed. Now, 4 weeks later with the laptop literally sitting on my desk the whole time I have little black "punctures" on the screen that are anoying the hell out of me after just paying euros in replacements.

ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture Drivers Update

Am I just the only one who is constantly having problems with the hypersensitive screens? I just dont know what is happening, its such an expensive laptop to begin with and I dont really get why the screens always seem to break.

ASUS TAICHI31 Notebook Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

Make sure you have the latest drivers, and might even want to reinstall, ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture take a look here also Go into your touch ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture driver via devices and reload older version. THE CAUSE- Poor shielding on the underside of the touchpad, making it way more sensitive to outside interference, and static interference from within when pressure is applied.

THE FIX- I opened my laptop, removed the flimsy metal shielding from the underside of the touchpad, covered the entire touchpad area with electrical tape cleanly done, of courseput the shielding back in place and then cover that with electrical tape as well. There is plenty of room, and there is no bulging after reassembly.

I have Asus QA, and it has no metal shield, I simply taped up the entire backside of touchpad only leaving the Connector visible. I then taped the metal bar that controls the left and right click I even went as far to tape some of the connection ribbons inside ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture closing it all up.

ASUS TAICHI31 Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

Lots of people with this problem. None of these worked.

The new drivers will work if you do not care of the touch screen is upside down when in mirror mode. In device manager look at display drivers, intel HD Graphics Right click to get properties.

Click on the driver tab. If you have newer drivers, then if possible click on the Roll back driver tab, click OK, wait a bit and see what happens.

ASUS Taichi 31 and Windows 10 build 10547

See if it works. I have found that it works until windows 10 updates the drivers automatically. Then it will fail again. So the solution is to stop windows 10 from doing the update. Here is how you do that- stop the driver update while still allowing the other windows 10 updates.

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A system properties box should pop up. A dialog box will pop up asking "Do you want to automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons available for your devices". Click on the circle next to "no" and then save changes. Now your screen should keep working.

ASUS TAICHI 31 Smart Gesture Driver Download

I am very disappointed that ASUS has decided not to support Windows 10 on the Taichi, as it would be very simple for them to do so, but here is the fix you need to run the new Windows Everything will work superbly except your two screens. I assume you have already run the touchpad update from ASUS.

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