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Sitecom DC-013 Driver

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Sitecom DC-013 Driver (2019)

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Sitecom DC-013 Driver

If you forget to turn on PIN lock protection before changing your PIN, you will see this dialog box as a Sitecom DC-013 reminder.

Sitecom DC-013 Driver (2019)

If your PIN code change request was successful the following dialog box will display. You can enable or disable the wireless LAN interface, hide the network Sitecom DC-013 active scans, set the wireless network name also known as the SSID and restrict the channel set based on country requirements.


The Wireless Guest Network function adds extra networking security when connecting to remote hosts. The default is Enable WiFi. If the access Sitecom DC-013 is hidden, it will not be listed there.

To connect a client to a hidden access point, the station must Sitecom DC-013 the access point manually to its wireless configuration. Prevents one wireless client communicating with another wireless client.

Sitecom DC-013 Windows Vista 64-BIT

Sets the wireless network name. If the SSID does not match, that user will not be granted access.

Sitecom Default Router Login and Password

The Sitecom DC-013 conventions are: Minimum number of characters: A drop-down menu that permits worldwide and specific national settings. Each county listed in the menu enforces specific regulations limiting channel range. The maximum number of wireless clients allowed to connect to the wireless network. Do Sitecom DC-013 same for Isolate Client.

For a description of this function, see the entry for Client Isolation in this table. Sitecom DC-013 following screen appears when Sitecom DC-013 is selected. You can set the network authentication method, select data encryption, specify whether a network key is required to authenticate to this wireless network and specify the encryption strength.

All you need to know about the DCv 56k V Internet PCI Modem - Sitecom support

The pull down menu enables you to select which wireless network the security settings will Sitecom DC-013 applied to. This option is used for authentication to the wireless network.

Each authentication type has Sitecom DC-013 own settings. For example, selecting This option indicates whether data sent over the network is encrypted.

Sitecom DC-013 X64 Driver Download

The same network key is used for data encryption and network authentication. Whilst four network Sitecom DC-013 can be defined, only one can be used at any one time.

Table of USB device supported by debian

A new Sitecom DC-013 of wireless security that gives a more secure network when compared to WEP. The security key needs to be more than 8 characters and less than 63 characters and it can be any combination of letters and numbers. This is the default wireless security in use on the router. It must be used Sitecom DC-013 conjunction with an authentication server such as RADIUS to provide centralized access control and management.

The current network key that is active. You have the choice of setting up to 4 different wireless security keys Network Key 1 Sitecom DC-013 value of network key 1. Allows selection of a specific channel or Auto mode. Drop-down menu allows selecting upper sideband or lower sideband Drop-down menu specifies the following fixed rates.

FAQs about your Sitecom DCv 56k V Internet PCI Modem

The maximum rate for bandwidth, 20MHz, is Mbps and the maximum bandwidth, 40MHz, is Mbps Turn off for maximized throughput Turn on for greater security The option to provide wireless Internet access only to clients who are operating at n speeds In Auto default mode, your Router uses the maximum data rate and lowers the data rate dependent on the signal strength. The appropriate setting is dependent on signal strength.

Other rates are discrete Sitecom DC-013 between Sitecom DC-013 to 54 Mbps. Setting for multicast packet transmission rate. A threshold in bytes determines whether packets will be fragmented and at what size. Packets that Sitecom DC-013 the fragmentation threshold of an WLAN will be split into smaller units suitable for the circuit size. Packets smaller than the specified fragmentation threshold value however are not fragmented.

Values between and can be entered but should remain at a default setting of Setting the Fragmentation Threshold too low may result in poor performance.

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