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Sealife DC1000 Camera Driver

SeaLife Underwater Cameras has created underwater cameras, lighting, lenses and accessories for over 25 years! Let us guide you through the SeaLife range. 1-year warranty covers the underwater camera and flash accessory. Includes - SeaLife DC, 10 mp camera - (SL) - SeaLife Digital Pro Flash - (SL). 1-year warranty covers the underwater camera and flash accessory. Includes - SeaLife DC, 10 mp camera - (SL) - SeaLife Digital Pro Flash - (SL).

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Sealife DC1000 Camera Driver

So in the end, the Sealife DC1000 Camera underwater adjustment features seem more of a sales gimmick that will send unsuspecting users astray rather than a strong selling point. In the future, SeaLife should consider teaming up with Adobe to come up with a quality image filter algorithm.

SeaLife DC Underwater Digital Camera SL B&H Photo Video

There is a world of incredible color down there, but you cannot always see it because colors are different underwater. Colors are really nothing more than different wavelengths reflected by an object.

  • SeaLife DC Underwater Digital Camera SL B&H Photo Video
  • Scuba Diver Info - Camera review: SeaLife DC
  • Scuba Diver Info - Camera review: SeaLife DC

Underwater, waves travel differently, and some wavelengths are filtered out by water sooner than others. Lower energy waves are absorbed first, so red disappears first, then orange, then yellow. Green stays longer and blue the longest, which is why things Sealife DC1000 Camera bluer the deeper you go.

So if you want to capture all those wonderful colors, you need a strong flash. SeaLife sells packages with a single Sealife DC1000 Camera a dual flash. Each flash needs four AA batteries. You can use single-use Lithiums which last a long time but are quite expense, or rechargeable NiMH batteries.

SeaLife DC Underwater Digital Camera SL B&H Photo Video

Our Elite package came with a Sealife DC1000 Camera flash for best possible illumination of subjects you may want to consider a dual flash setup. SeaLife uses an optical flash link that snaps onto the underwater housing.

It covers the internal flash window so it can pick up the firing of the camera's flash without letting the internal flash illuminate debris that results in "scatter" on images. Getting acquainted with an underwater camera takes much longer than Sealife DC1000 Camera out how things work on dry land. Add an external flash system and the learning curve gets longer yet and it may take a while to get good results.

Don't give up, though. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be rewarded with wonderfully rich, colorful pictures.

Shooting underwater If you're a seasoned underwater photographer you already know that taking pictures underwater is totally different from taking pictures on dry land. Above water, things are fairly simple for a camera: Sealife DC1000 Camera, there is always less light and so many things move in the water that it is very easy for the camera to become confused and focus on the wrong thing.

Sealife DC1000 Camera Driver PC

Water is also not always clear and that can throw off the camera as well. If you use the flash, the bright light from the flash can illuminate particles and debris in the water, resulting in "backscatter," a picture dotted with Sealife DC1000 Camera lit particles.

All of this means that the rules of Sealife DC1000 Camera photography are quite different. The water at Blue Grotto was like liquid air Clear water and great visibility are essential, but rarely present.

SeaLife DC Underwater Digital Camera SL B&H Photo Video

Turn off the internal Sealife DC1000 Camera to eliminate backscatter. In "Snorkel" and "Sea" modes, you get additional white balance modes for shooting in depths of up to 25 feet default for Sealife DC1000 Camera and one for shooting below 25 feet default for sea. That's because red only penetrates about ten feet and orange disappears at 25 feet, so a white balance that takes that into consideration really matters.

SeaLife has been tinkering with ways to handle this phenomenon over the years.

Driver for Sealife DC1000 Camera

In the DC, you set white balance by depth and select from: The other underwater modes, "External Flash," are used with one of SeaLife's Sealife DC1000 Camera external flash accessories, and those Sealife DC1000 Camera a must-have for serious underwater photographers. In fact, the company sells the DC in packages that include an external flash and extra accessories.

The DC also has a number of different capture modes that, interestingly, are not in the "Capture" menu, but in the "Function" menu: Flash like continuous, but with flash Burst continuous shooting Pre-Shot two-step process that lets you select a background, then have someone else take the shot Couple Shot let's you combine two people into one shot Album Shot puts Sealife DC1000 Camera shots into an album-like layout To be honest, for the most part these modes are unnecessary, but camera companies are hustling these days to add new features and, hey, one of them just may come in handy.

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