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Roland A-90 Expandable Controller Driver

Roland A ex (Page 1) - Pianoteq user forum - Pianoteq forum - the A), I can tell you with confidence that this controller keyboard has wooden The AEX (EX standing for expandable via soundcard) was introduced. ROLAND A Production - present The A concept was born out of a key hammer-action keyboard and a range of powerful controller capabilities. By adding the VE-RD1 Piano Expansion Board, the A is transformed into the AEX, a voice digital piano/synthesizer with tones, true stereo piano.

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Roland A-90 Expandable Controller Driver

Roland A-90 Expandable Controller not a particularly attractive sound, nor one I've ever found the urge to sample. That's why I'm particularly glad that the instrument under the microscope today is an A90EX, not the basic Roland A-90 Expandable Controller The VE-RD1 Expansion Board sits behind the screen cover, and can be removed by messing about with a few screws and clips.

Still, it's a shame that Roland couldn't have made its installation simpler, because it is completely impractical should you wish to switch between expansion boards with any sort of frequency.

As a result, I suspect that an A90EX shipped as a piano will always remain a piano, and that one with, say, the GS board installed Roland A-90 Expandable Controller likewise remain a permanent source of GS sounds. Four Patches assigned to the internal Zones make up a Performance, and it's within the Performance that you apply and store the Patch edits. Unfortunately, and unlike true synthesizers such as the JV, the A90EX offers no way to modify the Partials Roland A-90 Expandable Controller.

So, for example, whereas Patch 91 'JP-8 Haunting' demands four voices for every note played reducing polyphony to a maximum of 16 notes and, we must surmise, uses four Partials, you can only control parameters that apply globally to the Patch itself. Editing a Patch couldn't be simpler, with the Parameter Select buttons also controlling the dedicated synthesis functions.

Starting, somewhat unusually, at button 13, this allows you to choose the Patches that will occupy the four Zones of the current Performance. You can then select the MIDI channels of each using button 1 which also controls the Patches' fine-tuningand can adjust the coarse tuning and the key-range of the Patch using buttons 2 and 3. Once again, button Roland A-90 Expandable Controller determines the velocity responses and, likewise, you can adjust the volume of each Patch and its position within the stereo field using buttons 5 and 6.

Roland A90

Skipping functions 7 and 8 for a moment, we then come to Similarly, the Decay and Release buttons 10 Roland A-90 Expandable Controller 11 offer a remarkable number of synthesis possibilities. You can even control the LFO speed using the Sequencer Control's tempo function which can itself be assigned to any of the continuous controllers.

Mind you, the absence of a Sustain control and the lack of modulation routing restrict things somewhat, but within seconds I had the Roland A-90 Expandable Controller Sawtooth Patch sounding just like a monosynth sound on Tangerine Dream's Rubycon -- and you can't get much more synthy than that. The final three buttons access the three effects that apply to each Performance.

Driver: Roland A-90 Expandable Controller

The second is a chorus with level, rate, depth, pre-delay, feedback and output mode controls. The three output modes Roland A-90 Expandable Controller You control the amount of signal that is directed from each Patch to these effects using the aforementioned buttons 7 and 8 Rev Send and Chor Send. The third effect is an equaliser that offers low, mid, and high frequency gain, and 17 choices of mid frequency, from Hz to 8kHz.

There's no 'Q' control Roland A-90 Expandable Controller. So what does this all add up to?

No Limit Sound Productions: Roland A90

Quite a lot, actually. Roland introduced a similar type of synthesis with the U module, and later used it in the U, the U20, and the Rhodes and keyboards.

Its Roland A-90 Expandable Controller within the VE-RD1 expansion board is somewhat different to these but will nevertheless surprise many players with its range of sounds and programming flexibility. Indeed, describing the A90EX as a voice 'stage piano' doesn't do it justice. OK, many of the acoustic and electric pianos are superb, and the Clavinets are excellent, but the real surprises are the pad sounds one would more usually associate with a powerful polysynth.

Roland A-90 Expandable Controller Treiber Herunterladen

A bit of tweaking with transpositions, envelopes and effects produces Performances that display a richness and depth rivalling even the most expensive programmable synthesizers. One final point about the expansion Roland A-90 Expandable Controller We haven't mentioned the Utilities that offer all the writing, copying, dumping, naming and re-initialising features you would ever want.


We've skipped many of the 43 edit functions, and we've ignored goodies such as the onboard Help messages that guide you through the controls and parameters. But details aside, we should judge the Roland A-90 Expandable Controller on four fundamental levels.

Roland A-90 Expandable Controller Vista

Firstly, despite needing a vice to get any meaningful aftertouch out of Roland A-90 Expandable Controller, I suspect that the A90 would today be my piano keyboard of choice. Indeed, Roland have fitted it with perhaps Roland A-90 Expandable Controller best hammer-action ever to be incorporated within an electronic instrument. It's fast enough for monosynth chops, smooth enough for L swipes, and firm enough to demand and exercise good pianistic technique. Secondly, and with regard to its credentials as a MIDI controller, the A90's routing and controller flexibility are almost without peer, although it seems to need a software revision to eliminate a handful of teething bugs.

On the third count, there's nothing on the market to touch the realism of its piano sounds -- the A90EX is definitely the instrument to beat.

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