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QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS Driver

QNAP TSU Overview. The TSU Turbo NAS 1U Rackmount Server from QNAP is a business-class NAS server that can easily be incorporated into your business network on a 1U server rack. This enclosure features four hard disk drive bays that accommodate " or " SATA II or I hard disk drives. The TS features the brand new QTS Turbo NAS operating system. The familiar multi-window design and multi-tasking design ability effectively increases. Practicality is at the forefront of the Qnap's talents. It's one of the few four-bay NAS drives at this price point to provide proper hot-swap drive.

QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS Drivers Download (2019)

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QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS Driver

QNAP TS-412 Turbo NAS Review

You can use it not only QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS share files among users on a local network, but also to serve a Web site using Apache ; to serve a MySQL database; to allow remote access to stored files; to download QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS independently of a PC using BitTorrent; and QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS to record video from IP surveillance cameras.

We had some difficulty using all of the QNAP's features after updating its firmware — the Download Station for downloading BitTorrent files and the Multimedia Station for streaming music and videos through a Web browser didn't work until we updated the firmware a second time using the same version.

Apart from this, the rest of the device's functions played ball. Setting up users, user groups and permissions was not difficult and we were able to use the built-in MyCloudNAS service to access files remotely. If your router supports UPnP, then you don't QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS have to forward ports — the built-in wizard will do it all for you.

QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS Driver for Windows 7

If you already have music on the QNAP that you want to serve, you have to create a new shared folder called 'multimedia' and move or copy all your music into this folder. Otherwise, iTunes simply will not QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS it it will see the NAS device, but it will give you an error — — when you click on it.

If you use Internet Explorer 9, then you may as QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS forget about viewing live and recorded video through the QNAP as it will be a royal pain the behind to get it working properly. We could not get it QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS work at all even after enabling all ActiveX features in the security settings and telling IE it was okay to install the QNAP's controls. It's a versatile device with lots of built-in functions and more can be added via plug-ins; it has good hardware credentials as well.

QNAP TSU Turbo NAS - NAS server - 0 GB Overview - CNET

It can take a long time to set up and some of its features could be better implemented, but overall it's a worthy product for any home or small business user that wants a manageable and fault tolerant network storage device QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS long as you use a fault tolerant RAID array. A private cloud without constraints. In contrast to the limited storage space and security concerns of public cloud services, the TS is advantageous for establishing a secure and large-capacity private cloud.

You can easily get access to the QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS, instantly share multimedia contents and check the system status via the Internet whether you are on the bus or in a coffee shop.

With Qsync, your TS is turned into a safe data center for file synchronization. Every file uploaded to the TS will be QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS available for all linked devices including computers, laptops and mobile devices.

QNAP TS-412U Turbo NAS - NAS server - 0 GB Series

Qsync is especially useful for frequent travelers as it ensures the most up-to-date files are accessible on all linked devices. Qsync provides multiple ways of file synchronization and group file sharing, greatly enhancing the flexibility of team projects and collaboration.

Access, sync and share on your mobile devices The TS QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS your private cloud storage that virtually enlarges the capacity of your smart mobile devices. Qfile allows you to access, upload, download, manage, and share stored files easily as if you are carrying tons of files in your pocket. QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS lets you monitor and manage the TS remotely and efficiently without turning on a PC.

Photo albums on the cloud The TS acts as QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS photo vault for you to back up your favorite photos. The Photo Station makes photo sharing simple, and you can designate your own access right controls.

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Photo Station Build your home music library and enjoy music anywhere The Music Station helps categorize your music collection, and displays album covers to easily organize your personal playlists. Through the music station web player, you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere with a few QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS.

QNAP TS-412 TurboNAS device

Thousands of local and global online Internet radio programs are also built-into the Music Station for you to enjoy. After the download tasks are set ready, you QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS turn off the computer, and the TS will download as many HD videos as you want.

Drivers: QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS

With the QGet utility you can manage your download tasks on multiple NAS devices remotely on the local network or the Internet. The App Center is a centralized location for installing, managing, and updating apps on demand.

QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS Driver FREE

The system can be recovered to degraded mode by reinserting the wrongly removed hard drives so the data can still be accessible. Well-rounded backup solutions to secure data QNAP Netbak QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS supports real-time and scheduled data backup on Windows including Outlook email archiving. QNAP TS-412U TurboNAS data capacity with flexible storage expansion options The TS supports large storage capacities; fulfilling business needs to store large amounts of data.

With reliable data protection, the TS is perfect for cross-platform data sharing.

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