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Marian Audio Interface UCONCX Driver

Marian UCON CX audio system is a 32 channel, very compact, multi functional audio- and MIDI interface for the USB high speed bus. It combines on minimal. Hi has anyone had any experience with the Marian UCON CX USB audio interface? refuses to develop post windows xp drivers for the UCON. Das UCON CX Audiosystem ist ein kanaliges, sehr kompaktes, universell einsetzbares Audio- und MIDI-Interface für den USB HighSpeed-Bus. Es vereint.

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Marian Audio Interface UCONCX Driver

Top bits — audio performance, mix out, four mic inputs, works as a stand alone converter, comprehensive software.

Quibbles — midi control of the mixer would be nice, no hardware gain controls, very very bright blue led on the front panel and you do have to have to use an external power supply. And now to Trace Pro, which although much less visible no blue Marian Audio Interface UCONCX — not much point on a PCI card might well be just the thing for pro audio.

Marian: UCON CX

The Trace Pro aims to provide simple but effective audio interfacing in the professional world. Stereo balanced analogue connectivity on XLRs and AES digital mean that this will drop into studio or broadcast work without external packs or boxes. The card will run up to kHz, though at this sample rate you lose aux bus functionality from the mixer.

Just like the Ucon the Trace has a clear and direct dialogue for dealing with latency and the ability to do setup with a test tone makes life nice and easy. On my fairly unexceptional machine I could get down to 1. Having banged on about Marian driver stability the Trace driver refused to Marian Audio Interface UCONCX when I returned to the system after a fairly miserable journey to France for the Rugby World Cup.

The Trace series of cards offer sophisticated interoperability via the TDM bus Marian Audio Interface UCONCX complete flexibility of routing within a multi card set up.

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I enjoyed some of the small but really useful features like multiple Marian Audio Interface UCONCX presets on the analogue outputs, pre and post options on the aux sends and the separate output mixer. Have a look at all Marian have to offer at www.

Driver for Marian Audio Interface UCONCX

Every modern main board, every notebook carries several USB 2 connectors, regularly. It is multifunctional, hot-plug capable and different devices can be operated parallel on different ports or via a HUB.

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But not enough, USB 2 extension boards for the pci bus are unbeatable cheap, so even inappropriate on board chipsets may be replaced easily. There have been a couple of technologies developed for the UCON series, ensuring undisturbed data transfer and taking care of minimal latencies.

Marian Audio Interface UCONCX Windows 8 X64 Driver Download

Marian Audio Interface UCONCX Namely, the revolutionary latency-boost technology enables a direct communication with the hardware, decreasing and stabilizing the latency times on the USB 2 bus. MIDI input data is transported and directed to the software application instantly and time precisely via the USB connection without any delay. An integrated test function, simulating the parallel operation of all inputs and outputs, helps setting up the optimal latency.

The digital mixer directly integrated in the hardware of the Marian Audio Interface UCONCX works with the fastest and most flexible DSP functions allowing latency-free mixing of all input and playback channels to several stereo sums. Every available audio signal can be routed freely and monitored latency-free to any physical output.

The completely free mixing and signal routing not only Marian Audio Interface UCONCX you from investing in a patchbay and keeps your from burdensome cable replugging but also allows several monitor mixes, played back on any output. All configurations can be made with a simply mouse click and saved in the mixer setup.

The intuitive and ergonomic user interface of the UCON mixer has been designed in the style of analogue mixing consoles, with usual elements like gain, aux send, solo, mute, volume faders and peak meters.

Marian Audio Interface UCONCX Driver Windows

It allows musical ideas to Marian Audio Interface UCONCX captured quickly, and to easily master all thinkable situations during a production. The mixer is very easy to handle and has a lot of smart solutions under the hood. The pre-function of the level meter allows exact control of incoming signals. All audio and layout settings can be saved and recalled from session files total recall.

Flexible routing, start-stop synchronization of all in- and outputs, sample exact transfer on all channels and direct delay-free controlling of the inputs zero-latency monitoring make the UCON CX system the ideal partner for demanding harddisk-recording, as well. The design was intended to provide Marian Audio Interface UCONCX robust and solid construction with good recognition of all control elements.

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