Getac 9213 FingerPrint Drivers for Mac

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Getac 9213 FingerPrint Driver

If you need the absolute toughest laptop you can get, Getac adds There's a fingerprint reader under the screen for Windows Hello or IT-based. Does the Getac have what it takes to command such a high price? to day-to-day abuse, hiding fingerprints and mild scratches very well. Copyright © Getac Technology Corporation and/or any of its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. Sitemap · Privacy Notice · Cookie Policy · Terms of Use. To Top.

Getac 9213 FingerPrint Driver for Mac Download

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Getac 9213 FingerPrint Driver

Rugged PC - Rugged Notebooks: Getac

The keys are matte black, with bright white lettering that contrasts perfectly making the letters pop out as if they were backlit. One odd element to the design is the mirror surface touchpad and power buttons, and the very Getac 9213 FingerPrint glossy black touchpad which really stand out on this notebook. Build Getac 9213 FingerPrint might not be up to the same standards as Getac B —which you can stand on top of—but it is very good when you compare it to similar business-grade notebooks.

The brushed metal lid has some flex, but being so thin it still does an excellent job of protecting the screen from damage under pressure.

The screen hinges operate with a smooth motion, with no freeplay when stationary. You can open the lid with one hand where some notebooks might require one to hold the screen and another to hold Getac 9213 FingerPrint keyboard down.

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The palmrest and keyboard offer excellent support, with barely a hint of flex under extreme pressure. The brushed metal surfaces hold up well to day-to-day abuse, hiding fingerprints and mild scratches very well. Compare this Getac 9213 FingerPrint some notebooks with Getac 9213 FingerPrint polished surfaces that start to look beat up in a matter of days. Screen and Speakers The WXGA panel on the Getac is above average with bright colors and excellent contrast thanks to the glossy surface.

Getac 9213 FingerPrint Windows Vista 32-BIT

Viewing angles are above average with a broad viewing sweet spot, expanding 30 degrees forward and back before Getac 9213 FingerPrint start to shift or invert. Horizontal viewing angles expand out to roughly 70 degrees, and after that depending on the conditions reflections off the screen start to overpower the display. Viewing brightness is excellent, making it easy to view the display even in bright office lighting.

If you must Getac 9213 FingerPrint a bright screen with full HD resolution, the larger, less rugged Getac S offers that option.

Getac 9213 FingerPrint Driver for Windows

Versatility Is Key Because the VG3 is a convertible-hybrid laptop, there are many different ways you can use it. When you first open the laptop, it works like any other clamshell.

Getac 9213 FingerPrint New

To go into Display mode, simply turn the screen on its T-shaped hinge to show its contents Getac 9213 FingerPrint a colleague across the table without picking up the laptop. You can then fold the upturned screen toward Getac 9213 FingerPrint to put the system into a usable, if bulky Tablet mode. When you're done, simply reverse the process to get back into Laptop mode. The touch screen is usable in all orientations.

The Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet and Getac 9213 FingerPrint Getac F tablets are easier to use in a single arm, but you'll always have the VG3's physical keyboard with you. There's a fingerprint reader under the screen for Windows Hello or IT-based security solutions. Connectivity options are excellent, including a headset jack, a smart card reader, an ExpressCard reader, and a USB 3. All of the ports are protected by doors that you open by pulling up and that Getac 9213 FingerPrint tight again when you close them.

Getac V110-G3

ECO see screen shot below on the left lets you manage the computer's power settings balanced, high performance, power saver. You can also create profiles with Bluetooth and WiFi separately on or off.

Security Like most mobile hardware these days, the Getac Getac 9213 FingerPrint various levels of hardware and software security to prevent unauthorized access as well as theft. VitaKey works in conjunction with the 's fingerprint scanner, supports the Windows logon, and also multi-user logon scenarios. You can also create a "password bank" to protect websites and applications that Getac 9213 FingerPrint user names and passwords.

VitaKey can handle file protection with encryption and decoding via fingerprint access, and you can also use the system to launch and protect applications. Combined with software, these certificates can be used to: Send and received secure email, Set up the Getac 9213 FingerPrint for Getac 9213 FingerPrint identification, Sign Word macros, Encrypt individual files or entire folders, and Create secure network connections.

All of this can get pretty involved. Some users may never implement TPM or even passwords, whereas others may be set up in accordance with Getac 9213 FingerPrint company's IT security procedures, or they may configure an individual system for maximum security.

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