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Mustek A3F2400N Scanner Driver

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Mustek A3F2400N Scanner Drivers Update

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Mustek A3F2400N Scanner Driver

At present, the following scanners are known to work more or less with this backend: Check the exact model name! Note that most of the above scanners come with a SCSI interface.

Mustek A3 scanner A3F1200NC

The former one comes with its own parallel port adapter i. Both Mustek A3F2400N Scanner use the SCSI protocol internally, too. Mustek scanners have no protection against exceeding the physical scan area height. That is, if a scan is attempted with a height that exceeds the height of the scan surface, the scanner begins making loud noises and Mustek A3F2400N Scanner scan mechanism may be damaged.

This shouldn't happen if your scanner is in the list of known scanners. Mustek A3F2400N Scanner you own a Mustek or Trust scanner other than the ones listed above that works with this backend, please let Mustek A3F2400N Scanner know by sending the scanner's exact model name look at the front and back of the scanner and a debug output to sane-devel lists.

Mustek A3F2400N Scanner Drivers for Mac

Please send all of it to Mustek A3F2400N Scanner mailing list. You must be subscribed to sane-devel before you can send mail to the list. The program sane-find-scanner helps to find out the correct device. See sane-scsi 5 for details. Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark are ignored.

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See sane-scsi 5 on details of what constitutes a valid device name. The supported options are linedistance-fix, lineart-fix, legal-size, buffersize, blocksize, strip-height, Mustek A3F2400N Scanner, disable-backtracking, and force-wait.

Mustek A3F2400N Scanner Driver for Windows 10

Options come in Mustek A3F2400N Scanner flavors: Global options apply to all devices managed by the backend whereas positional options apply just to the most recently mentioned device. Note that this means that the order in which the options appear matters! Option linedistance-fix is positional and works around a problem that Mustek A3F2400N Scanner with some SCSI controllers notably the ncr controller under Linux.

Turning on this option usually fixes the problem. Option lineart-fix is positional and works around a timing problem that seems to exist with certain MFSSP scanners. The problem manifests itself in dropped Mustek A3F2400N Scanner when scanning in lineart mode. Turning on this option should fix the problem but may slow down scanning a bit. Option legal-size is positional and sets the size of the scan area to Legal format.

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Set this option if you own a Paragon LS. Option buffersize is a positional option that overrides the default value set for Mustek A3F2400N Scanner size of the SCSI buffer.

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The buffer size is specified in kilobytes. The default value is Because of double buffering the buffer actually sent to Mustek A3F2400N Scanner scanner is half the size of this value. Try to increase this value to achieve higher scan speeds.

If your sg driver can't set SCSI buffer sizes at runtime you may have to change that value, too. Option blocksize is a positional option that overrides the default value Mustek A3F2400N Scanner for the maximum amount of data scanned in one block. Some scanners freeze if this value is bigger than The default value is 1 GB so effectively no limit for most scanners.

Don't change this value if you don't know exactly what you do. Option strip-height is a global option that limits the maximum height of the strip scanned Mustek A3F2400N Scanner a single SCSI read command.

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