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Questions about your G13 Advanced Gameboard? We've got the answers, videos, downloads and information you need. Search for articles or select a topic  Missing: G11/. The G13 is a supplementary keyboard designed for gamers. Because the G13 is centered around four home keys (G4, G10, G11, and G12) it. Hi all, I just ordered this new Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard. nced-gameboard I was planning on using it in my left for all the keyboard commands and the thumbstick . Top row buttons G zoom on panels, G11 and G work like arrow keys, G10 and.

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Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard Driver

The design is specific for your left hand, but because it replaces the left side of you keyboard this will not be a problem for anyone. Above the keyboard are four mode buttons the G13 has three different button profiles for the 25 programmable keys and Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard buttons controlling the LCD. The three mode buttons are M1, M2, M3, and but there is also MR for quick recording and mapping macros.

The G13 is Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard USB device so installation is very easy though users will want to make sure that they install the included software. You can also save profiles, create macros, and edit scripts for use with your G At a more mundane level you will be able to customize what LCD functions appear or what RSS feeds your LCD reads from, but you can also do very cool things like map a certain color to each profile so you know which one you are using.

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This will not only change the backlighting on each of the keys, but it will change the color of the LCD as well. Profiles can be imported, exported, and mapped to specific games.

There is even an open-source SDK so programmers can create applets to work with Logitech G-series devices. Unlike flat gaming keypads like the Fang [13] or Warrior [14], the G13 has a wavelike design with a wrist rest that angles your hand upward, Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard the gaming keys slope downward. The LCD readout and additional buttons above the G keys angle upwards again for better readability.

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The thumb is within perfect striking distance of the joystick and two additional side buttons. Sadly, pariahs known as left-handers will have to do without the joystick should they decide to use the G13 with their right hand.

Everything else design, buttons, screen is perfectly symmetrical making it a decent ambidextrous peripheral minus the joystick. There are a total of 22 labeled G-keys, plus two keys next to the joystick, and five programmable functions for the joystick four of which are perfect for WASD.

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Throw in three gaming modes just above the G-keys and you have yourself a grand total of 87 programmable keys—perfect for the macro junkie. Buttons used to control the LCD readout are located just below the screen. The round button on the left toggles between different gaming Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard system modes, while the other buttons are for navigation. As for backlighting, Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard the first time you can customize the color—not choose, but customize any color you want from a color swatch.

Continued… The G13 is a pretty big peripheral, and we like its big size.

Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard Driver Windows 7

The buttons are large and spaced out to give your fingers some breathing room. The joystick is in just the right position within striking distance of the thumb.

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It has free range of movement and can be pressed down for another button with a hardy press. The main buttons provide plenty of aural and tactile feedback when pressed.

Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard Drivers (2019)

The two buttons next to the joystick require a firm press Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard execute and emit a high-pitched sound—different from the other buttons. Since these buttons are arranged in rows, not circular like the Fang or Warrior, it will still feel like using the keyboard a bit, but with a bit of breathing room.

Logitech G13 Software, Driver, Manual Guide Download

The wrist rest is hardly a pad at all. Buttons to the north of the main G-keys are a bit of a stretch away, even the profile keys when you want to switch to a different set of macro keys.

Keys that control the LCD are even further away and will take a second to access. The backlighting is superb. Each keylabel is clearly readable in pitch darkness, while the LCD stands out. In fact, when we installed the G13 software, we Logitech G11/G13 Gaming Keyboard given the option of adding built-in support for World of Warcraft and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, to name a few.

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