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Buy iRiver Story HD Digital EBook Reader WiFi (U.S. Version): eBook Given that I wanted an e-reader that was basic but also had a good coverage of display. Jump to Reception of the Story HD - Independent reviews of the July release of the iriver Story have been mixed. Although stating that "It's a good. When it was unveiled back in January, the Story HD, iRiver's first entry The reading experience is stripped to pretty much all but its most basic.

Iriver Story HD (Basic) Windows Vista 64-BIT

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Iriver Story HD (Basic) Driver

The store itself is also fairly bare, offering a simple search box at the top and defaulting to a list of best sellers below.

The Categories feature offers up some more options, if top selling books aren't your thing. Wrap-up Were it launched rather than just announced back in January, the Story HD may well have been a contender.

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As it stands, however, the reader is a victim of its own timing, having been eclipsed by both the Nook and Kobo -- and we still haven't seen what Amazon has up its sleeve for the next generation. The device's "HD" display is a Iriver Story HD (Basic) feature, but it's hardly enough reason to recommend it over the competition. The Google partnership is neat as well, but again, it's just not as compelling is it might sound at first, since the software giant's content can already be loaded onto most readers, and from the sound of it, this is the first of Iriver Story HD (Basic) such partnerships to come.

The basic nature of the software, meanwhile, might not be a deterrent from users looking for a simple e-reader, but it really just underscores Iriver Story HD (Basic) of the Story HD's biggest shortcomings -- there's just nothing all that compelling about it. It's worth mentioning that we noticed some disturbing distortion across the display after a week of use, with E Ink lines Iriver Story HD (Basic) lengthwise, rendering the midsection of the text largely unreadable.

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Gently shaking the device only exacerbated the problem, creating new vertical lines that increased in darkness even after we placed the reader down. Either way, this relative fragility doesn't seem to bode well for the device's build quality. That said, even taking this issue off the table, the Story HD's features don't really add up Iriver Story HD (Basic) a reader that we can recommend.

All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media. It doesn't have the Iriver Story HD (Basic) buttons on the sides of the screen, it doesn't have speakers or a headphone jack because audio is not supported, and it lacks advanced features, layout settings, notes, apps, etc. In short, the Story HD is a lot more basic than the Kindle and most other ereaders on the current market, but it does bring one new feature that no other device currently offers: Virtually all 6" ebook readers have a x pixel resolution screen.

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The iriver Story HD is the first to use a x resolution 6" screen. The higher resolution screen makes the text Iriver Story HD (Basic) darker and more crisp. Compared to E Ink Pearl screens used on all the newer ebook readers, the difference is most noticeable with smaller text and detailed images.

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The background color is the same. Ist iriver aus dem eBook-Reader-Markt ausgestiegen?

Das eBook-Jahr war besonders zum Schluss besonders turbulent. Der iriver XGA Touch.

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Dazu kam es aber nicht. Das Jahr ist ohne einen neuen iriver eBook Reader verstrichen. Iriver Story HD (Basic) nun ist er da, still und leise hat iriver den Story HD auf den Markt gebracht.

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Ganz ohne Pressemeldung, Update der Herstellerhomepage mittlerweile doch geschehen! Das tut dem guten Gesamteindruck jedenfalls keinen Abbruch.

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Iriver would like to have you think that the Story HD's higher-resolution x1, pixels display should be a mitigating factor in your choice. Iriver Story HD (Basic) has enabled the company to tout it as the world's "highest-resolution 6-inch e-reader. But the added resolution--Iriver says it has For what it's worth, this is also the first e-book reader to have the Google eBookstore on board, making it the first Google eBooks e-reader.

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