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HP ThinPro VMware View Broker Driver

If the Horizon Clients are installed on the Connection Server, the client .. VMware View Thin Client Compatibility Guide – Thin Client Device. Thin Client Advantages and Disadvantages. . VMware View Connection Server. .. comprised of HP t thin clients while the over seat configuration. We have a customer that is currently using HP t Thin Clients that The Desktop View agent works fine and the iOS client connects and.

HP ThinPro VMware View Broker Drivers Mac

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HP ThinPro VMware View Broker Driver

To open the app contextual menu, the end user launches the application.

HP ThinPro VMware View Broker Driver Download

After the application is launched, the user returns to the desktop and application selection screen and right-clicks the application icon. The user selects Settings from the application contextual menu to open the settings dialog box. The user can alternatively launch the settings dialog box by right-clicking the Horizon Client icon from the system tray and selecting Settings. When the user clicks USB Devices in the HP ThinPro VMware View Broker panel of the settings window, the available USB storage devices are shown in the middle panel.

HP ThinPro VMware View Broker Driver

The user selects the device they want to redirect to Notepad and then clicks Connect. They are presented with a list of open applications to which the USB device can be connected.

If the user launches another application later on, and that application is hosted from the same RDSH server, that application can also have access to the redirected USB storage device. If an application is published from a different RDSH server, then the device must first be disconnected from the applications already using it on the other RDSH server. In some cases, you might want to allow only HP ThinPro VMware View Broker USB storage devices to be redirected.

HP t5745 ThinPro Terminal Review

Details at the blog post. The scanner redirection functionality supports both TWAIN and WIA scanning modes, and allows images to be captured from both scanners and other imaging devices such as webcams.

The scanner redirection functionality requires the Horizon Agent version 6. When you install the Horizon Agent component, be sure to select the scanner redirection feature if you want to use it; it is disabled by default. This is a prerequisite for installing scanners in a server-based OS. After a user makes a connection from a compatible Windows Horizon Client to the new Horizon Agent, a new tool-tray application icon appears.

The HP ThinPro VMware View Broker clicks the icon to reveal the compatible image acquisition devices available for scanning. The user may need to adjust the preferences if more than one imaging device is connected to the client machine, and the user wants to select a specific scanner, or if the user wants to adjust the scan resolution, and so on.

Scanner Redirection HP ThinPro VMware View Broker, available by clicking Preferences from the tool-tray icon, allows further configuration of the scanning process, for example, adjusting the default compression applied to the scanning. This can greatly reduce the bandwidth needed to transmit the image the compression is applied on the client side before the image is transmitted to the guestbut, of course, the more an image is compressed, the lower the image quality.

In addition, in the Scanner Redirection Preferences, options are available to adjust the default image capture device for example, automatic mode, last-used, or an absolute specified device. These preferences can also be adjusted by way of Group Policy options in the guest OS. Scanner redirection does not create a device on your virtual desktop that matches the name of the actual scanner.

For us this stinks because the image capture software our client uses Vertex HP ThinPro VMware View Broker Jack Henryhas a prepopulated list of scanners you can select. This should solve the issue you mention and we added it specifically to cover the problematic use case you mention.

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Client Printers Inside the virtual desktop, if you go to Devices and Printers, it will look a little weird. To see all of the client printers, right-click on the TP printer and use the expandable menus.

VMware Horizon Clients – Carl Stalhood

But when you print from an application, all printers appear normally. File Type Association Some published applications might have file types associated with them.

When you double-click a file with the configured extension, you might be prompted to open the file using the remote application. In Horizon Client, if you right-click an icon and click Settings: On the Sharing page, you can disable this functionality.

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