Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Driver

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Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Driver

Hasselblad H1, the first medium format SLR to provide a full electronic connection for compatible digital backs. It features histograms displayed on the LCD up. They had previously worked on a 35mm panoramic camera released as the Hasselblad XPan and as the Fujifilm TX. The body is from  ‎Lenses · ‎Finder · ‎Backs. Find great deals for Hasselblad H2 Medium Format Film Camera Body Only. Hasselblad H1 Medium Format Camera Body Only High Shutter Count *EX*.

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Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Driver

Hasselblad H1 Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body Only eBay

The integral right-hand grip is anatomically contoured and nestles very comfortably in your hand, with your right Hasselblad H1 Camera Body finger falling naturally on the large shutter-release button atop the sloping front section. In shooting position, the camera feels substantial but not overly heavy, and with the 80mm lens it's superbly balanced. The main mode-selection buttons arrayed along the main LCD panel atop the grip are all easily accessible.

Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Treiber Windows 7

Bring the camera to eye level Hasselblad H1 Camera Body you see an extraordinarily large, bright, crisp viewing image with an AF-zone rectangle and spotmetering circle inscribed in the center, and a commendably clear, illuminated, full-information LCD panel below the viewing area. The H1's prismless reflex finder, a modified Kepler type, sets a new standard for the class-it's at least as bright and contrasty as that of its closest competitors, the Contax and Mamiya AFD.

With a finder claimed to show percent of the on-film image at Hasselblad H1 Camera Body 1: Focusing screen is very bright and contrasty.

Viewfinder magnification was measured at 0. Autofocus and time lag: Overall AF speed was faster than average for the class.

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With low-contrast target, figures were about 0. Time between pressing the release and shutter opening measured milliseconds, slightly faster than other SLRs tested. The centerweighted metering pattern was perfectly centered for both horizontal and vertical shooting.

Hasselblad H2 Medium Format Film Camera Body Only eBay

Let's load up The H1's snap-on film backs have built-in dark slides, a great convenience since you don't have to remove and store a separate slide. The control buttons atop the back turn data imprinting on and off, set the frame counter to display the number of frames taken Hasselblad H1 Camera Body remaining, set the film length ornumber Hasselblad H1 Camera Body exposures 8, 16, or 32and ISO from 6 to There's also a bar-code icon that sets film speed and ISO automatically when you load bar-coded films Fuji is the only manufacturer currently offering this feature.

Remove the magazine's film-holder insert, which comes off and loads in the usual way. Since the H1, like all Hasselblads, features an S-curved, reverse-curl film path, it's especially important to wind it one complete turn so the paper leader is Hasselblad H1 Camera Body affixed to the take-up spool.

Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Windows 7 64-BIT

If you don't, we discovered that the end of the paper leader can slip out of the take-up spool and the film won't advance. If this happens, or if you forget to open Hasselblad H1 Camera Body dark slide before shooting, you'll get a warning in the viewfinder. When the camera is turned on, the film automatically advances to the first frame as soon as the film holder is reattached and an H1 logo is displayed on the LCD atop the grip.

Press the shutter-release button partway in and the LCD will display your present camera settings. Taking into consideration the vast array of settings and functions built into the H1, we found the camera controls logical, intuitive, and straightforward. For example, if you want to change Hasselblad H1 Camera Body AF setting, press the AF button, and use the front control wheel behind the shutter release to scroll through the AF options: To select your option, look at the top band on the LCD, where you'll see two choices: The same basic procedure is used to choose drive, flash, and intervalometer settings-you turn the front control dial to scroll through different sub-menus, press Enter, scroll to Hasselblad H1 Camera Body specific setting you want, and press Save to activate it.

Hasselblad H1 Camera Body Drivers Download Free

Because the dot-matrix LCD displays words and easily understandable icons, we found the whole process of learning to control this electronically complex camera remarkably quick and user-friendly. The Hasselblad H1 Camera Body basic system is used for metering settings, which are a function of the reflex finder unit.

Just shoot it Okay, let's do some shooting.

Bring the H1 to eye level, press the shutter release partway in and, if you're in an AF mode, the H1 will rapidly snap into focus. Shutter-release action is very smooth and predictable, with a clear differentiation between the first part of the stroke meter on, autofocus and the follow-through shutter firing phase. When the shutter fires, you'll hear a sharp "clack. This is followed by a softer "ssst" as the film advances. Hasselblad H1 Camera Body

In fact, we found that the H1's actual shutter noise is extremely low, but the "click" of taking a picture is fairly loud-typical of medium-format cameras with instant-return mirrors. More important, mirror-induced vibration perceived as camera shake is extraordinarily low, according to our tests. Hasselblad claims this Hasselblad H1 Camera Body partly attributable to special circuitry that slows the mirror's action just before exposure.

It's the only medium-format autofocus SLR with a central cross-field AF sensor, and it certainly is a giant step ahead of all other medium-format cameras without cross sensors.

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