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Exabyte 18D Library Driver

TAPE DRIVE/LIBRARY REPAIR AND REFURBISHMENT SPECIALISTS Hewlett Packard IBM Fujitsu Exabyte Overland Data Quantum M4 Data Storagetek 18 Track. Overland Data. T /90 18 Track. Overland Data. TE. Some listed tape drives and tape libraries may require an updated 18D. EXABYTE^Exabyte^18D. SCSI. SCSI ID. Quantum. DLT A cartridge library (20) comprises cartridge cells and a tape drive (80). Cole: Thomas Studebaker: Steve Stearns; Original Assignee: Exabyte Corporation . 18D is a side and rear perspective view of a magazine mounting assembly.

Exabyte 18D Library Drivers Download

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Exabyte 18D Library Driver

IB shows placement of the various assemblies, systems, and partition 70 within housing As understood from both Fig.

IB, drive mounting assembly 50 lies on base plate The drive mounting assembly 50 internally receives a tape drive On opposite sides of drive mounting assembly 50 are a pair of spaced- apart, forwardly Exabyte 18D Library arms 82 which reach to a front edge of base plate Enclosure of tape drive 80 in drive mounting assembly 50, particularly when assembly 50 is formed from sheet metal or the like, provides enhanced EMI electromagnetic interference insulation for tape drive The magazine mounting assembly 45 stands upright on base plate 34 Exabyte 18D Library the front of cartridge library 20 see Fig.

The magazine mounting assembly 45 is an arch-like structure, with opposing magazine Exabyte 18D Library assembly walls At their bases, magazine mounting assembly walls 84 are secured by fasteners to distal ends of arms Front edges of the magazine mounting assembly walls 84 have tabs 86 perpendicularly inclined thereto.

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The front wall 36 is mounted by fasteners to tabs Rear edges 88 of magazine mounting assembly 45 are fabricated along a portion of their arcuate length to form a toothed rack A pivot axis is formed at the rear of drive mounting assembly In particular, on opposite lateral sides thereof, the housing of drive mounting assembly 50 has two pivot Exabyte 18D Library extending therefrom. The cartridge transport system 60 has a carriage which rotates about axis At its rear carriage has two opposed Exabyte 18D Library flanges The carriage flanges each have an aperture formed therein.

The apertures receive conesponding ones Exabyte 18D Library the pivot pins so that cartridge transport system 60 can pivot about pivot axis The rotation of carriage occurs as motor-driven gear assemblies engage toothed rack 90 of magazine mounting assembly That is, carriage rotates about pivot axis as Exabyte 18D Library carriage gear assemblies climb and descend toothed rack When a cartridge c is loaded into tape drive 80, the pivot axis is parallel, and more particularly in a same plane with, a center line of cartridge C.

Moreover, pivot axis is located to the rear of cartridge C, so Exabyte 18D Library cartridge C lies between axis in the sense of the X axis [see Fig.

Exabyte 18D Library 64 Bit

IB] and magazine 40 when cartridge C is inserted into tape drive The rotation of carriage about pivot axis Exabyte 18D Library in an internal front region of housing 32 which is defined by partition The partition 70 is anchored to bottom or base plate 34 over the rear of drive mounting assembly 50, and Exabyte 18D Library a first segment which extends vertically perpendicularly from bottom or base plate A second segment is inclined at an angle to partition first segment in a forward and upward direction as shown in Fig.

On its upperside, the partition second segment has a power supply mounted thereon, as well as the circuit board upon which controller 65 is mounted see Fig.

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IB, but with rear wall 35 and partition 70 removed for illustrating how carriage pivots about pivot axis As explained hereinafter, carriage gear assemblies are driven so that carriage pivots whereby Exabyte 18D Library engagement arms thereof are Exabyte 18D Library aligned with one of plural cartridge positions in magazine 40 as magazine 40 is mounted in magazine mounting assembly As shown in Fig.

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