EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN Drivers Windows

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EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN Driver

My main rig has a z87 classified from EVGA and both LAN ports ballence g1 sniper 5 motherboard and the other having an EVGA x79 classified My research indicates that the Marvell 88E cannot be teamed together. FTW and the X79 SLI. Today we will be looking at the FTW version of EVGA's X79 offerings. . Network Ports/Controller, 2 / Marvell 88E EVGA is one of the sponsors of GeForce LAN 6 and they just got done doing a presentation where they showed off one of the companies  Missing: Marvell.

EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN Windows 8 Drivers Download (2019)

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EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN Driver

In case you are wondering, there are no less than seven fan headers on the X79 FTW! Removal of the heatsink is easily accomplished by removing four spring loaded screws at the back of the motherboard.

EVGA X79 Classified

We like the fact that EVGA uses screws to secure the heatsinks to the motherboard in lieu of the traditional plastic pushpin design. This makes for a much better contact with the target area.

With the PWM heatsink removed, we were able to see that the thermal pad was making excellent contact over the entire length of the heatsink. First impressions left us feeling there should be no problem supplying enough power for some good overclocking. Next up is a tour of the BIOS…. EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN

EVGA X79 Classified - motherboard - XL-ATX - LGA Socket - X79 Overview - CNET

Unfortunately there is EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN mouse support, but navigating the different areas of the BIOS is done easily with the keyboard. The BIOS is full featured and contains plenty of options to keep even the most seasoned Overclocker busy. The rest of this area is dedicated to displaying current settings and their values. You also have the ability to turn individual SATA ports on and off.

EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN Driver for Windows Mac

The USB Configuration area gives you a list of devices you have plugged in and also allows for the enabling or disabling of individual USB ports. The ME configuration sub menu shows the version number and a few options to enable or disable ME features.

All of the different voltage control settings are located here. You can also set VDroop by percentages of 25, 50, or 75 to minimize any potential voltage spikes.

Under the memory sub menu is where you can set the BIOS to use XMP profiles or use the manual option for total control of all the various timings and frequency settings. The last sub menu in the overclocking section deals with the BCLK settings.

USB 3.0 and Ethernet Port Not Working on a x79 Classified K2

Here you can set the frequency ratio and the frequency. Once drives are connected to the system, you will see them listed under the Boot Option Priorities line at the bottom. From there you can choose your desired boot priorities.

EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN Drivers Download

Obviously this is where you would save any changes made to BIOS, exit, and reboot the system. If you made changes to BIOS, then decide you do not want to keep them, you can discard the changes and reboot from here. If EVGA X79 Classified Marvell LAN want to start with a clean slate, you can choose the restore defaults option and begin anew.

EVGA X79 Classified - motherboard - XL-ATX - LGA2011 Socket - X79

You can also name these for easy reference at a later time. The first thing we needed to do was get the memory timings and voltages set as per the manufacturers specs. Skill RipjawsZ kit at Mhz was used for this build.

Our first overclocking attempt was a mild 3. The X79 FTW flew right through this test without any problems at all.

Next, we went for a 4. The vCore voltage was set to 1. This resulted in the CPU voltage being reported as 1. Next was a run at 4. Because we had Vdroop disabled, the rise in voltage during stress testing is normal.

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