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Sager NP9755 Creative Audio Driver

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Sager NP9755 Creative Audio Driver

We are convinced that events must happen in Germany as they have happened in Russia. That is what those Sager NP9755 Creative Audio power are working for. We must soon introduce a Republic in Germany and we shall propose that a constitutional committee take preparatory steps in that direction.

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The German Chancellor, von Bethmann-Hollweg, A Sager NP9755 Creative Audio welcoming the declaration of the new delivered on Tuesday his long-awaited speech in the Democratic Government of Russia, "repudiating all Reichstag, replying to interpellations as to Ger- proposals for imperialistic conquest and aggrandizemany's war aims. The Chancellor brusquely and ment," was moved by Philip Snowden, Socialist firmly refused to state these aims, though he did member for Blackburn.

It was voted down without hold out in some measure the olive branch for a sep- division after application of the closure. The resoluarate peace with Russia.

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Referring to the request tion Sager NP9755 Creative Audio on the Government "to issue a similar that he outline Germany's war aims the Chancellor declaration in behalf of the British democracy and to said: Shall I immediately give join with' the Allies in restating the Allies' terms in our Western enemies an assurance which will enable conformity with Sager NP9755 Creative Audio Russian declaration. Shall I tell these enemies: Asquith, former Premier, were emphatic in their 'Come what may we shall under all circumstances be statements that it was impossible at the present stage people who renounce; we shall not touch a hair of to enter into negotiations with Germany,and declared your heads.

But you who want our lives, you can that the war aims of the Entente Powers, as previouswithout any risks continue to try your luck.

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Lord Cecil, commentI nail down the German Empire in all directions by ing on the Socialist plan for peace without annexation, a one-sided formula which only Sager NP9755 Creative Audio one part alluded to the German colonies. No, I operations, having rescued them, are we going to will not pursue such a policy. That would be the hand them back?

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Asquith said that he basest ingratitude toward the heroic deeds of our regretted the resolution Sager NP9755 Creative Audio been moved in such form people at the front and at home. It would per- that it must be rejected.

The people of Great manently press down our people, to the smallest Britain were in sympathy so far as they understood worker, in their conditions of life. It would be the purport of the Sager NP9755 Creative Audio made by the Russian equivalent to surrendering the future of the Father- Government with its aims and views in the war and land.

Or ought I, conversely, to set forth a pro- its conditions for a durable peace. But if the war was gram of conquest? I decline to Sager NP9755 Creative Audio that cries from to end in an honorable peace there must be annexathe Right: If it is tion, continuing the emancipation of the enthralled not demanded, then we are of one opinion.

I also populations who were laboring under despotism. We did Retention of strategic positions as safeguards against not go forth to war, and we stand in the battle now future attacks might be necessary.

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A Sager NP9755 Creative Audio no acquisition or extension of territory for political gram of conquest helps as little as a program of or economical aggrandizement," said Mr. He said in part: So long asthat Chancellor doubtless desires annexations both in the is the case we cannot falter or relax by a hair's East and the West.

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  • May 19, 1917, Vol. 104, No. 2708

With the exception of extrava- breadth our determination to pursue the war to a gant visionaries, nobody believes that Germany can victorious end. The Russian Socialists have made an offer which opens up the possibility of Official announcement Sager NP9755 Creative Audio made from Washington peace.


This is what the Chancellor forgets. It is and cam simultaneously by cable from Queenstown, true that a separate peace with Russia cannot be that a squadron of American torpedo boat destroyers achieved, but the Russian Government can convert had safely crossed the Atlantic, and was patroling the Entente and in this direction we ought to assist it. It was reported Sager NP9755 Creative Audio our Navy's Herr Scheidemann must take up cudgels against the actual entry into the war zone had proved productive Government if he does not want strong words which of a brush between a destroyer and a German underdo not shrink even from the announcement of a water boat.

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Louis MAY 19 The vessels destroyed should have cut the number down Berlin Office reports that the first sixteen days of more than half, compared with the preceding week. May the Germans made prisoners 2, British and Eighteen British merchant vessels of more than 1, Sager NP9755 Creative Audio, French. Yesterday's reports stated that tons were sunk last week and 5 merchantmen of less Lens is being systematically set on fire.

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